Anderssen & Voll

Anderssen & Voll is an Oslo-based design studio. Partners Espen Voll and Torbjørn Anderssen were two of the founding members of the international design success Norway Says. The studio fo­cuses on furniture design but also works extensively with textiles, tableware, lighting and electronics.

Anderssen & Voll はオスロを拠点とするデザ インスタジオです。ノルウェイ国内企業、国際 的な企業に向けた家具、電化製品、照明、テキ スタイル、テーブルウェアのデザインを提供し ています。 


Cathrine Maske

Cathrine Maske graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, where she received a Master’s degree in glass and photography in 1997. Maske has since then worked on several commis­sions where glass elements with photographic prints have been integrated into buildings. She also makes sculptural objects using the same tech­nique, made for exhibitions and for special assignments. In addition, she is working on various design projects, such as wine glasses, water de­canter and drinking glasses, vases and pitchers.

Chathrine Maske はデザイン性と


Petter Skogstad

Petter Skogstad (b. 1985) has a Master's degree in product design from Akershus University Col­lege in Oslo. In 2008 he start­ed to exhibit his work on the international design scene and now works in various fields of product design, rang­ing from furniture to table­ware for various international clients. Petter has worked as a designer for Anderssen & Voll since 2009.

Petter Skogstad は国際的なクラ


Kristine Five Melvær

The Oslo-based designer Kristine Five Melvær inves­tigates object communication, bridging the disciplines of product design and graphic design. She is focusing on the communica­tive potentials of objects as a means to create emotional bonds between object and user.

Melvær graduated with a Master's degree in industrial design from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2008. She graduated with a Master's degree in visual com­munication from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2012.

Kristine Five Melvær はプロダクト


Hallgeir Homstvedt

Hallgeir Homstvedt is a product and furniture designer based in Oslo. After com­pleting his degree in 2006, Hallgeir worked at the much celebrated design studio Norway Says for three years. In 2009 Hallgeir opened his own design studio, focusing on furniture and product design. As a part of establishing an independent studio, Hallgeir has been exhibiting in London, Tokyo, Oslo, and Milan over the past three years. Hallgeir works with Norwegian and international clients and already has products in production with well-known brands like Established & Sons, Lexon, and L.K.Hjelle.

Hallgeir Homstvedt はオスロを中


Kristine Bjaadal

Kristine Bjaadal made her international debut as a designer in 2010, with pro­totypes including her widely noted tablecloth Underfull. The following years have been filled with various exhibitions of the same prototypes, and at the Tokyo Design Tide 2012 she is for the first time since then exhibiting new prototypes.

In her work she focuses on everyday life, and wants to make you notice all the hid­den beauty that you normally don’t see in your surroundings, and to turn your daily routines into rituals to appreciate.

Kristine Bjaadal は、高い関心を


Per Finne

Since 2002 Per Finne has run his own design studio in the village of Voss in the West­ern part of Norway. Before that he worked as associate professor in product design at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Per Finne works with a wide range of projects, but with main focus on sports equipment and domestic products. Living in the midst of the dramatic landscape of Western Norway, his work is highly influenced by nature. He is concerned with designing products with a simple and clean expres­sion, and with a good balance between form and function.

Per Finne は多岐にわたるプロダク トのデザインを手がけています。そ  の中で共通するのは、デザイン性
と機能性のバランスとシンプルで 新鮮な表現です。